Innovation Sprint

If the SDGs are not to be just ‘another set of goals’ we need to apply a new set of approaches to achieving them. The Innovation Sprint is about experimenting with these approaches. A cohort will be taken through a 6-month innovation process that will result in pilot-level solutions to SDG challenges. The process will build new capacity in participants to think horizontally about the Agenda and use innovation methodologies. 

The process includes:

  • 2-Day Kick Off Workshop - The process will begin by building relationships among the individual participants and defining a common understanding of the sustainable development system. The cohort will explore leading innovation methodologies, assess their individual narratives and biases, explore the state of sustainable development, and identify gaps that the Geneva community is well-positioned to address. The output of this workshop will be key questions that need to be explored with broader stakeholder communities, which will be used in the next "user research and validation" phase.

    • Desired Outcome: An excited and united cohort that has a shared understanding of key gaps in the sustainable development system and Geneva's unique strengths for addressing them.

  • User Research and Validation - It is crucial that assumptions are checked at every stage of the process. The cohort will take the outputs from the first workshop and - with the support of the SDG Lab - will undergo interviews with key stakeholder communities to get feedback on the gaps identified and test preliminary hypotheses. The participants will take part in a check-in call to review preliminary findings.

    • Desired Outcome: Reframed challenges based on the feedback from users and stakeholder communities

  • 1-Day Ideation Workshop - The cohort will reconvene with more information from the user research phase and move into an ideation phase focused on addressing the challenges as they have been defined and refined. The cohort will undergo a blue-sky brainstorm and work to narrow in on quality ideas that could be taken forward to a pilot stage.

    • Desired Outcome: 3-5 solutions (i.e. policies, knowledge products, processes, technologies) that can be taken forward to a pilot stage for testing

  • Work and Resource Planning - The SDG Lab will work with teams to refine ideas into implementation plans and define what resources are required to carry the ideas through to implementation. Resource mobilization will be facilitated through the Geneva 2030 Ecosystem.

    • Desired Outcome: Realistic go-forward plans for solutions and resources secured for implementation.

  • Evaluate and Celebration Event - At the end of the year, the cohort will meet to assess the Innovation Sprint process and determine their participation for 2018. The starting phase of the Innovation Sprint is focused on ideation and prototyping, a more in-depth implementation and scaling process will be undertaken in 2018 with the help of supporting partners. This phase will include an evaluation of the process.

    • Desired Outcome: Assessment of progress to date and a go-forward for 2018.

InnovatorGib Phillips